What’s new at ACJ besides a new look? Rings!

assortment of Amy Cousin Jewelry rings

The new ACJ website has been up and running for a few weeks now, and in between finishing custom orders, I’ve had a chance to create something that I’ve wanted to give you for a while now: Rings!

This collection is made up of an assortment of faceted cubed gems suspended between the coiled ends of the ring’s shank – copper, silver or 14k gold filled.

This setting allows you to see all of the pretty and interesting characteristics of the gems. They can be stacked on your fingers or worn as a pendant, so grab a few!

Need help figuring out your ring size? Here’s a handy measurement tool to help.

Ummm, where’d the ACJ site go? Not to worry – it’s right here!

I am finally giving the ACJ website the love it deserves!
What that means is for a very short time, the best way to get to all of the ACJ goodies is directly through my Tictail Marketplace page. So here’s the link.



I’d planned to have it all shiny and new before I announced the big update, but the last thing I want to do is leave you hanging in an endless redirect to my blog. Cause, that’s what happenin’ right now…

So, let’s just avoid the “wait, wasn’t I just here? where’s the site? I need my gemstone energy like right now!” drama and go to



ACJ will be up and running on its own very soon.
Soon… that’s oh so vague, isn’t it? Okay, ACJ will be up and running by the end of June.


Welcome my new blog, to go along with my new website.

I’m working on both right now – well this post is me taking a break from working on my website.  Anyway, it’s going really well, finally.  I was stuck for a long time, for a number of reasons.  Not that important, and certainly not the best way to start a blog that I want you to keep reading.

I figure a launch announcement is just a post or two away, so no link just yet.  Instead, I’ll share my current creative playlist …

  • Down to the Moon – Andreas Vollenweider
  • Brasil – Manhattan Transfer
  • Angel-A, Original Soundtrack – Anja Gerbarek
  • Moon, Original Soundtrack – Clint Mansell
  • Santa Fe Sessions – Ottmar Liebert & Luna Negra
  • Tessutti: Paolo Angeli Plays Bjork, Frith – Paolo Angeli
  • DisOrient – Richard Bone
  • La Pecheuse – rupa & the april fishes
  • eXtraOrdinary Rendition – rupa & the april fishes
  • Jungle Fever, Original Soundtrack – Stevie Wonder
  • Tales of the Sun People – Tim Story
  • Slowdiver – Tom Vedvik
  • Sutra Spin – Tom Vedvik
  • and lots of Suzanne Vega

which is mostly older stuff that I’m currently listening to, shuffled.