The Wellness Universe’s Gift Guide includes something special from ACJ

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Please celebrate with me!


WU Gift Guide cover
WU Gift Guide cover

As a member of The Wellness Universe, I am delighted to be featured in their ‘More Than’ a Holiday Gift Guide.


My gift, a guide, Gemstones For The Holidays – More Joy, Less Stress has been featured along with more excellent gifts for total wellness, transformation and health, mind, spirit and achieving goals in 2018.

More than great gifts, this spectacular guide has more than 50 inspiring articles and feel good quotes. Not only will you find an amazing collection of gifts, all that support your well-being, you’ll get over $5000 in freebies and bonuses from my fellow WU World-Changers!

It’s free, grab your copy today and get gifts for everyone on your holiday list.

~ Amy

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as the holidays get into full swing

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here are a few tips and notes to get you through.

  • Oops, I forgot to get a gift for …
    Did you forget someone on your gift list? I still have some pendants available in the $35 to $50 range, including a few Upcycled Computer pendants and Rose Quartz & Prehnite pendants. Prehnite’s shade is in the range called  Greenery – which is Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year – so you’ll not only be giving someone a wonderfully healing gemstone combination, you’ll also give them a jump on fashion.acj-upcycled-computer-pendants-b     Rose Quartz & Prehnite Pendants
  • I read that somewhere…
    This year, I’ve been sharing my take on gemstone energy in a lot of places where women especially are seeking answers and solutions. Just this week, Amy Cousin Jewelry was featured in Mind Key, an online community of healing professionals, in an article written by my good friend, Dr. Lisa Avilamind-key-logo_v2
  • Color me confident and calm…
    by tapping into the vibration of blue gemstones. Which ones, you ask? I wrote an article for Black Girl In Om with some beautiful suggestions.

    photo: Bradley A Murray
  • If you’re in the Twin Cities this week…Lauren Ash, the founder of Black Girl In Om, will be in Minneapolis leading a workshop at Yess Yoga on December 26th.Three Sisters Eclectic Arts, which carries Amy Cousin Jewelry, will be open Friday, December 23rd from 10 -8, and Saturday, December 24th from 10 – 3. Located in St. Paul, MN
  • Every home should smell this fantastic…
    I am so happy to announce that our Sirius Mind and Body incense sticks are back in stock! It has been a long wait, but well worth it – the fragrances are as phenomenal as our alcohol-free fragrance oils, and each stick burns for over an hour – no bitter smoky after-scent either. Just the way you remember them.smb-twitter-head2

Big Hugs & Warm Smiles,


Jewelry Talk: Custom Jewelry and the Joy in Co-creating


“Done right, custom jewelry creation is a fun process that ends with a beautiful treasure that you cherish. That’s what I want for you.”

Who wrote that? I did. I was in an email dialog with a client as we started the process of creating her custom piece. Over the years, she had purchased several pieces from my website or at my former shop. This time she wanted something that was uniquely hers, to mark a special occasion. I love creating jewelry that becomes a treasure, and I am especially honored when someone enlists me to create one for them.

We chatted about the colors that she liked to wear, and I told her about all the different gems that coincided with those colors. That lead to a discussion about the energies associated with gemstones. When I made jewelry for my shop, I used to include a little info card describing the gemstone’s lore or attributed energies. My client said she frequently got compliments on those earrings, and she enjoyed telling people about the stones. I include gemstone energy info with to my ACJ pieces too.

When we finished our email chat, I sent her a rough drawing of the piece, along with pictures of the stones we talked about.

amycousinjewelry custom design ideas
gemstone and color ideas for a custom piece

I checked in with my client throughout the creation process, sending pictures of my progress on her treasure.

amycousinjewelry custom jewelry design
creating a gemstone pattern for a custom piece

By the time her treasure was ready to ship, she had ordered a pair of earrings for her best friend as well.

This is the process I will use to create your custom jewelry. There is still time to get a treasure for yourself or for someone special made for the holidays.
Contact me at and let’s start creating!