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It’s June! What else needs to be said?

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Tictail is taking ACJ global for Valentine’s Day

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Crystal Healing with ACJ and Kimberly Elise: Intuition

... intuition. It’s great when we listen to it, but how often do we say, “I knew I should have …” in hindsight? Here are a few sparkly gems that will help you to clear your head and enhance your intuition. Best of all, their colors are perfect for a fashionable summer-fall transition!

Crystal Healing with ACJ and Kimberly Elise

I've started talking about gemstones - energy, lore and crystal healing - over at

ACJ, UpcyclePost And A New Marketplace

Let’s see… help a movement that I adore succeed in creating a groundbreaking platform for artists such as myself to promote and sell their creative works? Uh… yeah!!

Never been this happy to wear an apron

Happy Monday! We're expecting at least twelve inches of snow today. Normally I would be ranting about winter too soon and such, but last week I won the Halstead Bead Inc Apron Challenge Giveaway, and that definitely trumps a rant about snow. Why am I just now writing about winning something last week? Pictures. Of me. Major reluctance going …