Double Green Chalcedony ring


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Two faceted, beautifully glowing Peruvian Green Chalcedony rondelles suspended by fine silver in a sterling silver shank.
This setting allows the color and glow to be enjoyed from all angles and is perfect for stacking with several rings or for wearing as a pendant.

Peruvian Green Chalcedony is not the same as Chrysoprase, although they are in the same gem family. Peruvian Green Chalcedony is more translucent than Chrysoprase. The stones in this one-of-a-kind ring are deep green with that amazing glow so characteristic of Chalcedony.

There isn’t much energetic information specific to Peruvian Green Chalcedony yet, but my reading is that it has the familiar nurturing energy that encourages creativity and a desire for learning.
As I acquire more of this luscious gem, I will provide more information

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Peruvian green chalcedony, chalcedony


sterling silver




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