Gemstone Energy: Hemimorphite Joy!

Gemstone Energy: Hemimorphite Joy!

Handful of Hemimorphite

Look at the beautiful beads I’m holding. They’re called Hemimorphite. Don’t they just make you want to smile? That smile is part of their energy: Light Activation, Joy, Optimism. Keep reading to the end of this post: I’ve got something special to share to bring in the joy!

I got these beads several years ago at a gem show that used to come to my area once a year for one day. Starting months before the big show day, I would plot my gemstone and supply purchases oh so carefully to make sure I got exactly what I needed for the designs I had planned. Then I saw these happy beads… they made me smile, so I quickly reshuffled my list to make room for them. Other gem buyers close to me started to smile and gravitate toward me – well, actually they gravitated toward the strands of gems I was clutching. Most thought they were turquoise because of their lovely color. They eventually wandered back to their own purchases, but their eyes kept flickering back to the strands, to see if I’d put them down. Not a chance!

Hemimorphite courtesy of Rob Lavinsky,
courtesy of Rob Lavinsky,

Sky blue Hemimorphite is the most sought after kind, making it hard to find – I won’t go as far as to say it’s rare, but it is hard to find, especially in good quality. The gemstone also forms in green, white and brown. Without knowing anything about Hemimorphite when I picked the beads up, the first thought/feeling that came to me was happy. Smile. When I got home and did my research (thank you, Naisha Ahsian), I learned that Hemimorphite is primarily a stone of light activation, radiating optimism and joy. And when you tap into that energy flow… whoa! I always say tap into the energy, because no gemstone can give you its energy quality – you can connect to the vibrational flow, but more ideally, you can tap into that very same vibration within yourself. Oh yeah, it’s right there within you … wearing Hemimorphite helps remind you of that.

acjE285b Hemimorphite Green Hemimorphite
sky blue Hemimorphite with cool green hemimorphite accents

Part of what took me so long to make anything with these hemimorphite beads was because I was over-thinking the design. I wanted big cool fancy. Not needed with these subtle but powerful gems. Hemimorphite is meant to be worn every day, from morning meditation, through that (dreaded) staff lunch meeting, to a night out on the town. It doesn’t take center stage in your ensemble because people will notice the light bright joy that you radiate when you wear it. These earrings are simple and complete. Hemimorphite with accent dangles in Rainbow Moonstone, green Hemimorphite (yep, I snatched up some of the green variety too!), or Aquamarine.

I’m glad you stayed with me. Here’s my special treat: I think everyone should experience a bit of Hemimorphite joy and optimism, so I’m giving away a Free pair of Hemimorphite earrings with every order over $100! Your choice: Hemimorphite with accent dangles in Rainbow Moonstone, green Hemimorphite (yep, I snatched up some of the green variety too!), or Aquamarine. If you just want a pair of happiness, I mean Hemimorphite, I’ve reduced their price from $45 to $30… while stock lasts. Have an amazing day!

~ Amy

Tutorial: Upcycling Silverware into Jewelry

Hi All!

Antique Silverware

I wrote a tutorial on Making Jewelry from Old Spoons for Demand Media Studios, which published it on I wanted to share it with you here.

Click this link to read my article and give the tutorials a try. Yes, I said tutorials, plural! You’ll be able to create three fantastic pieces of jewelry; a ring, a bracelet, and a pendant. Tell me what you think in the comment section here and on the EHow site.

Have a great day!


Jewelry Talk: Custom Jewelry and the Joy in Co-creating


“Done right, custom jewelry creation is a fun process that ends with a beautiful treasure that you cherish. That’s what I want for you.”

Who wrote that? I did. I was in an email dialog with a client as we started the process of creating her custom piece. Over the years, she had purchased several pieces from my website or at my former shop. This time she wanted something that was uniquely hers, to mark a special occasion. I love creating jewelry that becomes a treasure, and I am especially honored when someone enlists me to create one for them.

We chatted about the colors that she liked to wear, and I told her about all the different gems that coincided with those colors. That lead to a discussion about the energies associated with gemstones. When I made jewelry for my shop, I used to include a little info card describing the gemstone’s lore or attributed energies. My client said she frequently got compliments on those earrings, and she enjoyed telling people about the stones. I include gemstone energy info with to my ACJ pieces too.

When we finished our email chat, I sent her a rough drawing of the piece, along with pictures of the stones we talked about.

amycousinjewelry custom design ideas
gemstone and color ideas for a custom piece

I checked in with my client throughout the creation process, sending pictures of my progress on her treasure.

amycousinjewelry custom jewelry design
creating a gemstone pattern for a custom piece

By the time her treasure was ready to ship, she had ordered a pair of earrings for her best friend as well.

This is the process I will use to create your custom jewelry. There is still time to get a treasure for yourself or for someone special made for the holidays.
Contact me at and let’s start creating!

Never been this happy to wear an apron

Happy Monday! We’re expecting at least twelve inches of snow today. Normally I would be ranting about winter too soon and such, but last week I won the Halstead Bead Inc Apron Challenge Giveaway, and that definitely trumps a rant about snow.

Why am I just now writing about winning something last week? Pictures. Of me. Major reluctance going on here. When I emailed Erica at Halsted to thank them, I also promised to post a pic of myself in said apron. I clicked send, and then realized that in order to post a picture, I’d actually have to take a picture. of myself. What have I done??? I’ve become somewhat of a Lemony Snicket unenthusiastic

"Lemonysnicketgrave". Via Wikipedia.
Lemonysnicketgrave“. Via Wikipedia.

when it comes to photos of moi. I’d much rather take pictures of my jewelry. Took a few pics, hated them all. put the camera down. Remembered that this isn’t about me, it’s supposed to be about my new apron from Halstead Bead.

So I put on my new apron, and made some earrings. I’m in my tiny studio, wearing my new jewelers’ apron, and I’m making earrings. It doesn’t get much better than that – except when someone squeals with delight after they receive a pair of my earrings.

I discovered that my new apron solves one of the inconveniences of my tiny studio. Whenever I drop a bead (which is fairly often), retrieving it requires a bit of maneuvering under my table with a flashlight. Because, you know, under the table is the favorite hiding place for rogue beads. Well, my lovely apron caught every bead and wire in its front pockets. Score! I am in my jewelry making happy place – thank you, Halstead! I will wear my apron proudly. And here’s a picture of one happy jewelry designer, rockin’ her new apron.

Winning a Halstead Bead jewelers' apron is worth taking a picture!
Winning a Halstead Bead jewelers apron is worth taking a picture!

IMG_1557 (2)

My Dream Studio vs Reality

In the spirit of sharing more about myself and my process, I have been posting on Instagram. A friend commended me for my effort, saying she was sure customers would like to see “where the magic happens”. I smiled. The magic… what a nice thing to say. So here is a glimpse into my studio, sort of…

To say I have an actual studio, is to stretch the meaning of the word. What I have designated as my “studio” has gone through many changes over the years. When I ran our brick & mortar shop*, I still wanted to make jewelry at home, so I purchased a deluxe Stanley tool box (aka Portable Studio) and lugged it to work every day.ACJ portable studio1  ACJ portable studio3

It was great: sturdy, with enough room for my entire bead, wire and tool inventory, and it had wheels! Aaah, those were the days… But as time went on, my inventory outgrew my trusty old Stanley. I held on to it until the wheels broke off under the weight of my beads. Yes, that happened. That, and the kids began grumbling about child labor laws whenever I asked them to help me pick it up. When we closed the doors of our physical shop, hauling my mammoth portable studio ceased being an issue.

Working from home proved to have its pros and cons. I wandered around the house before finally commandeering the dining room table as my new studio. The plus was the natural light from our large windows. The minus was being so close to the kitchen that I appeared to be on constant chef duty. NO! Chez Ami is closed until further notice!

For the occasions when I had to be away from home base, I created my Waiting Room Studio.


I recycled a large hummus container, and packed it with the essential tools and enough supplies to create two or three pieces. My waiting room studio also gave me a new way to connect with people who were interested in (my) jewelry. Having a few extra pairs of ear wires with me allowed me to sell the earrings I was wearing, without the ear wires I was wearing. When the kids and I were extras in a movie that was being filmed in our area, the costume designer saw me making a necklace during a break. She asked me if she could use some of my jewelry for the shoot. The scenes (and my jewelry) were cut, but it was nice to be asked.

Now, I have a space in which I create jewelry, manage the backend biz, and hang out on social media platforms to talk with you. I call it my Tiny Studio, because it is a shared space.

ACJ_TinyDesk_Studio2 ACJ_TinyDesk_Studio3

If you follow me on Pinterest (and I wish you would), you’ve probably noticed that one of my biggest boards is Dream Studio/Office. I frequently turn to Pinterest for gemstone and color inspiration. I call those lost hours research – that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it. Invariably, someone who knows my studio porn weakness, pins a photo of an amazing space, and I add it to my collection. Sigh. It’s all there, in my Dream Studio/Office. See what I’ve been up to. Join me, if you dare. You’ve been warned.

While I have yet to achieve my dream studio, I have come to realize that for now, just being able to create, wherever and whenever is something to appreciate on its own. I love what I do, and that won’t ever change. As it turns out, the magic can happen anywhere.

*Time for a shameless plug: While our Sirius Mind and Body brick and mortar shop is no longer, we’re still open on our website. Come visit us! click here

From Design to Tutorial: creating gemstone tassel earrings

Recently, House of Gems asked me to create a tutorial. Talk about great timing! I’ve had this idea for tassel earrings in my head (and in my design journal) for a while, but always ended up putting it aside to make other pieces. Although I like silk tassel earrings, I adore gemstones. At first I thought the gemstones would make the design too heavy, but using simple wrapped loops allows them to be lighter and still deliver stunning.

AmyCousinJewelry_101_0810 (2) gemstone tassel earrings in carnelians and garnets

I knew my design would require a lot of beads, so I ordered a few strands of beautiful wholesale beads and got to creating. The beads that I used for example earrings are 4mm micro-faceted carnelian rondelles.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial. The techniques are easy, and assume you are familiar with making simple loops. Please let me know what you think!

Click here to go to my Gemstone Tassel Earring Tutorial

Rising to the challenge

Hi all – I just want to wish everyone a splendid upcoming week!

I’m looking forward to this week (dare I say Monday?) because I’m kicking my jewelry business into high gear: I’ve joined the Flourish and Thrive Academy’s 20 Sales In 20 Days Challenge!

#20SalesIn20Days Challenge
I’ve joined the challenge!

Tracy and Robin are two amazing jewelry artists and businesswomen who share their combined experience. They get it, because they’ve done it. If you are a fellow jewelry artist, I highly recommend you check them out.

As for Amy Cousin Jewelry, please join me in this challenge: my 50% Off Sale will go on for a little while longer, so head on over and start shopping!

Also, I will be posting pics on Instagram and Twitter, so please follow me there as well. I follow back. Above all, have a great week!


Happy Weekend!

ACJ happy weekend Sale_conva2Hi all! I know Labor Day Weekend is almost over, but I just wanted to put a little more happiness out there to ride the rest of the weekend out. Hope everyone stays safe. I’ve been finishing up some custom pieces – which I will share after their intended owners have sufficiently oooh-ed and aaah-ed over them. I’ve also been testing out a recipe or two for vegan sushi. Delish! But that’s a post for another day.

Anywhoo, I also decided to put the remainder of the pieces on my website on sale for 50% off. See, I told you I was all about spreading happiness this weekend! ACJ Sale_conva

Click on over to Amy Cousin Jewelry, and finally get the piece(s) you’ve had on your wishlist for so long. Go on – they’re waiting for you!


Cool Jewels

It’s a fairly safe bet that most jewelry artists and designers wear their own creations more than they wear people’s jewelry. Creating and wearing our own jewelry is often how we got started on our paths. I enjoy making a pair of earring for myself just as much as I enjoy creating a specialty piece for a customer.

We also like to wear jewelry created by other designers. I’ll share some of the cool jewels I come across from time to time.

Let’s start now, shall we?


Ringly in Pink Sapphire
Ringly in Pink Sapphire

I’m really liking the concept that drives Ringly’s design: jewelry meets technology. The ring connects to an app on your phone and notifies you of important calls, emails or other messages. For example, you are  in a meeting, but you’re also expecting an important call. You don’t want to keep checking your phone every two seconds, and you don’t want to disrupt the meeting with your ringtone. You can program your Ringly app to vibrate with a specific pattern and discreetly blink with a colored light of your choosing. And to top it off, Ringly uses ethically mined precious and semi-precious gemstones. Fashion, function and technology – very cool jewels.

My inner blerd just added a Ringly to her wishlist – hint: she celebrates Nikola Tesla’s birthday, which is coming up soon.



~ Amy Cousin