ACJ Women’s Summit gift – gemstone energy with style

Rock On! Gemstone Energy with Style

Thank you so much for viewing my segment of the Ageless Beauty: Secrets of the Masters Summit.

Before I share with you the guide to the seven gemstones I’ve chosen for this giveaway (It was sooo hard to choose just 7), I want to touch back on a few of the points I made in the presentation.

Working with gemstone energy instead of relying on the stones to do the work.
It is my belief that gemstones are guides to help us achieve the goals we’re going after. No gemstone will do the work for you, but they will support you and serve as reminders to tap into their vibrations in order to bolster your own energetic flow.

I recently read two articles about celebrities who swear by gemstone energy. What was interesting was in both articles, a few celebrities described how lost – almost to the point of not being able to perform – they felt when they lost their cherished or most powerful gemstone. The idea of working with gemstone energy is just that: working with the stones. I so feel for those who felt as if their performances suffered because they didn’t have their gems with them. Even though I suggest wearing your gemstone energy instead of carrying a bag of rocks around, it is important to remind ourselves to tap into the vibration rather than expecting the stones to do the work for us.

Finding your gemstone(s)
One of the joys I find in gemstone energy is the discovery of new stones, or sometimes stones that are new to me. When Cindy and I were taping my segment, I told her how much I liked her pendant, and she told me it was Shungite, a stone I hadn’t heard of! So please don’t feel overwhelmed while choosing gemstones. Here are a few suggestions and questions to consider to get us started: as always, there are no judgments, no right or wrong answers.

  • What is your favorite color? This is a good starting point. If you frequently wear your favorite color, we can look at gems that compliment your outfits. And if you don’t frequently wear your favorite color (maybe you wear a uniform?) then wearing a gemstone is a nice way to slip your favorite color into your wardrobe.
    What other color are you drawn to? A secondary color can give us a deeper in
    What color do you really not like? Sometimes the colors that we avoid can represent a mood or vibration that we’re avoiding but might want to explore.
  • How do you feel? Right now – how do you feel? If you’re in a good place and want to sustain or maximize that feeling, pay attention to what
    How do you want to feel?
    What goal do you want to achieve with the assistance of gemstone energy?

Seven Gemstones to Rock Your Style

Once you get to know me a bit better, you’ll realize that while I might say seven gemstones, I’m really thinking about so many more, and I just might sneak a few more into the discussion. I absolutely love working with gemstones (ooooh, pretty rocks!) and their energy in order to help everyone (myself included) access their best selves. I’m looking forward to connecting with you on your journey. Onward.


  1. Fluorite
    Mental clarity, improved decision-making, clearing energy fields


Fluorite helps to ground excessive energy, particularly mental, emotional and nervous energy. When you have a significant decision to make and want to clear all of the mental clutter and negative thought patterns swirling around, Fluorite can assist.

Fluorite presents in a variety of colors with purple Fluorite being the most favored. It is distinguishable from Amethyst because it is often banded with white, clear, or green Fluorite. We can tap into the energy of Purple Fluorite for assistance in meditation and increased mental acuity. Green Fluorite is calming, but at the same time, it helps us tap into the courage needed to expand our ideas and awareness. Pink Fluorite is similar to Green Fluorite when it helps keep our thoughts and heart energy aligned. Golden Fluorite helps us align our will with the mind. Blue Fluorite is the variety used to tap into improving psychic clarity. Multi-colored Fluorites are wonderful tools to use on many levels (body, mind, spirit) at the same time.

2. Tourmaline
Tourmaline also comes in a range of colors, each connecting with a specific energy:

tourmaline amazonite moldavite

Black Tourmaline is one of the best-used stones for purification and protection because of its ability to take on negative energy and turn it into positive energy. In times like these where the energy shifts so quickly and so forcefully, being able to tap into the ability to transmute – shift – negative into positive is a beautiful thing. Blue Tourmaline is considered a stone of higher awareness and communication and helps us practice living with a peaceful mind. Pink Tourmaline is considered one of many stones of love and emotional healing. it can help us find the calm that encourages us to release stress and anxiety before we make decisions or take action. Green Tourmaline is considered a stone of strength, vitality, and wholeness. It is particularly adept at helping us tap into self-healing practices. Watermelon Tourmaline, along with being a combination of pink and green tourmaline, is considered a stone calm and joy.

  1. Citrine
    Manifesting, personal will, creativity

Citrine faceted cushions strand

Citrine is a great gemstone for all seasons in terms of color and its properties. Tapping into the manifestation vibration of Citrine first involves clearing the energy that is clouding our ability to manifest in the first place. Even the pales Citrine’s bright, sunny light is powerful enough to help us think through our needs creatively in order to set our minds toward achieving our manifestation goals.

  1. Tourmalinated Quartz
    Purification, recovery from negative influences

Tourmalinated Quartz with tourmalines
The combination of Clear Quartz and Black Tourmaline in one stone has been described as a psychic vacuum cleaner: picking up negative energy and transmuting it to positive, grounding energy. I recently wrote about my long-time avoidance of Clear Quartz (often called Rock Crystal Quartz). Basically, Clear Quartz is an amplifier – of everything. It does not discriminate, just picks up and amplifies all the energies around us. This can be a bit too much if you are new to gemstone energy or is there is a lot of ‘stuff’ going on in your life. One way to adjust Clear Quartz’s amplification is by programming it, which takes a bit of practice. Another way to adjust it is to wear Tourmalinated Quartz. Two beauties in one stone. One stone amplifies and the other moderates. And, Tourmalinated Quartz goes with just about every outfit!

  1. Howlite
    Self-awareness, creativity, calm communication


Howlite is a fairly common gemstone: It is frequently dyed to mimic higher priced stones like Turquoise. That practice has given Howlite a bad rap, which is why I’m including it in this guide. No stone that is dyed to look like another stone will also take on the properties of that stone. Howlite is an amazing gemstone in its own right and should be recognized as such, so when you do wear it you’re able to draw on the full potential of this opaque gem. Howlite is a super calming stone, which helps when we want to communicate emotions with clear expression.

  1. Prehnite
    Inner peace, union of the heart and the will

Prehnite is such a lovely gemstone and I’m glad it is making its way into the market. Its lemony-yellow to pale-green hues combine well with so many colors, making it easy to add to your wardrobe. Prehnite property of inner peace presents as an inner glow that you can actually feel, making it an incredibly soothing stone. A lot of Prehnite will also have thin strands of Black Tourmaline (called Schorl), which adds that kick-butt purification & protection vibration, so no one’s going to mess with your inner peace!

  1. Super Seven or Sacred Seven
    purifying, energizing and balancing the chakras and aura


    acj example Super Seven gems

This is amazing gemstone has been on the market for a relatively short time – two years – mostly because on quick inspection, it’s not the flashiest, sexiest crystal. But look closely and you’ll see an astonishing array of characteristics not normally found in just one stone. That’s because Super Seven Stone, currently mined exclusively in Brazil, is an incredible convergence of high-vibration gemstones: Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Rutile, Cacoxenite, Lepidocrocite, and Goethite. While you may be familiar with the energies associated with each of these stones individually, their collective properties create an entirely unique and even higher vibration when accessed in this crystal formation.
Super Seven / Sacred Seven is considered a stone of higher consciousness. It assists the wearer in purifying, energizing and balance your chakras and aura.

Initial readings connect it to the properties of grounding, power, psychic development and psychic protection, and healing on all levels. It has a vibration that links all humanity and guides the holder to help change the vibratory level of the whole planet.
More recent readings of Super Seven Crystals focus on the wearer’s relationships and goals.

Super Seven is increasingly being used to help the wearer address old patterns, wealth issues, and to realign relationships. It will encourage you to release the emotional bonds that are no longer good for you and safely address repressed grief in order to facilitate emotional healing.

Tapping into the energy of Super Seven Stone will help you conquer your biggest fears and recognize the causes of your stress.


Thank you again for joining me and Cindy for the Ageless Beauty Summit session!

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Note (the obligatory disclaimer): The information here is presented to you for educational purposes and is not meant to take the place of professional medical or mental health advice. If you are ill or in crisis, please please seek licensed professional care immediately.


As an intuitive and a lover of gemstones, I write from my experiences and insights first. I am also a voracious reader and researcher, so I frequently seek concurrence on gemstones and their energy with other intuitives in person, online and in books. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in a resource list.