About Amy

Choice by choice, moment by moment
I build the necklace of my day,
Stringing together the choices that form artful living.
~ Julia Cameron

Amy's necklace
My favorite necklace, made with gemstones chosen by my children

About Amy Cousin

Empowerment through gemstone energy…
That’s what it’s really about for me – being able to share my love of gemstones and odd bits of stuff in a creative way that helps empower you in your relationships, your creative endeavors, your career, your … life!

I am a gemstone intuitive, which means that I listen to you, I listen to gemstones, and I put it all together in a combination that meets your energy needs and complements your personal style: it’s not just something from the latest trend unless that trend complements your style. Click here to read what a few of my amazing clients have to say about ACJ.

Being a gemstone intuitive also means that instead of ascribing the same gemstone energy meaning to stones of the same kind, I dig deeper into the many different attributes associated with each stone and consider them in relation to the other gemstones that I use in a piece. For instance, Rose Quartz is generally considered ‘a stone of love’, and many people associate it with romantic love from or for someone else. But the love that Rose Quartz emanates can also be self-love, compassion, and emotional healing. All gemstones are like this – they have several energetic attributes and will vibrate differently when combined with other stones. The energy of a Rose Quartz and Unakite pendant is different from the energy of a Rose Quartz and Prehnite pendant. Achieving the best gemstone energy combinations in all the jewelry that I create for you is an essential element of ACJ and a point of personal dedication.

ACJ copper bangles with gemstone nests

Although my own journey working with gemstones began when I was just a kid desperately trying to survive the chaos called my family (neatly hidden behind doors of a nice house in a nice neighborhood), I learned how to tap into the energetic attributes of gemstones; ignite the same attributes within myself; and ultimately move from surviving to thriving. I am so grateful to be able to turn my gemstone experience combined with research and expertise into positive sparks of celebration, optimism, and momentum to share with you on your path! We are all deserving of the best possible life. It’s a constant journey that I’m on with you.

Case in point, these are not photos of my studio, but visions of and goals for the studio that I am manifesting for myself and ACJ.

It’s somewhere between these (Heather Day’s and Fran Meneley’s)  amazing spaces – light-filled, warm, and spacious enough to open up and invite you to come see and hold my work, to connect and laugh in person! When you think about me creating Amy Cousin Jewelry, please envision me in a place like these. I’ll see you there soon.

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