About ACJ

Love. Light. Power. Tapping into gemstone energy with style.
Love: self-love, worthiness, love of others.
Light: enlightenment, always learning, and then sharing, spreading the light.
Power: creativity, empowerment, freedom.
Style: however you define your style!

Amy Cousin Jewelry aims to delight women like you who are owning and reclaiming your sense of self, in your work, your relationships and your personal development (not necessarily in that order). You are creative (yes you are, even if you don’t think so), ambitious (which is always up to you to define!), and you live a heartfelt life. I know you’re thinking about your life outside of the box and you might even already be working it through paths like yoga, meditation, regular chats with your best friend, or by connecting with a guided group of like-minded women online.

Amy Cousin Jewelry is for women who are open to tapping into their potential and are doing something about it. ACJ is here to support her effort, to remind the wearer of her goals.

ACJ custom bracelet redesign fish clasp
Custom bracelet in copper

Amy Cousin Jewelry uses ethically sourced gemstones and eco-friendly (recycled and reclaimed) metals in both collections.