Gemstone Energy: Hemimorphite Joy!

Gemstone Energy: Hemimorphite Joy!

Handful of Hemimorphite

Look at the beautiful beads I’m holding. They’re called Hemimorphite. Don’t they just make you want to smile? That smile is part of their energy: Light Activation, Joy, Optimism. Keep reading to the end of this post: I’ve got something special to share to bring in the joy!

I got these beads several years ago at a gem show that used to come to my area once a year for one day. Starting months before the big show day, I would plot my gemstone and supply purchases oh so carefully to make sure I got exactly what I needed for the designs I had planned. Then I saw these happy beads… they made me smile, so I quickly reshuffled my list to make room for them. Other gem buyers close to me started to smile and gravitate toward me – well, actually they gravitated toward the strands of gems I was clutching. Most thought they were turquoise because of their lovely color. They eventually wandered back to their own purchases, but their eyes kept flickering back to the strands, to see if I’d put them down. Not a chance!

Hemimorphite courtesy of Rob Lavinsky,
courtesy of Rob Lavinsky,

Sky blue Hemimorphite is the most sought after kind, making it hard to find – I won’t go as far as to say it’s rare, but it is hard to find, especially in good quality. The gemstone also forms in green, white and brown. Without knowing anything about Hemimorphite when I picked the beads up, the first thought/feeling that came to me was happy. Smile. When I got home and did my research (thank you, Naisha Ahsian), I learned that Hemimorphite is primarily a stone of light activation, radiating optimism and joy. And when you tap into that energy flow… whoa! I always say tap into the energy, because no gemstone can give you its energy quality – you can connect to the vibrational flow, but more ideally, you can tap into that very same vibration within yourself. Oh yeah, it’s right there within you … wearing Hemimorphite helps remind you of that.

acjE285b Hemimorphite Green Hemimorphite
sky blue Hemimorphite with cool green hemimorphite accents

Part of what took me so long to make anything with these hemimorphite beads was because I was over-thinking the design. I wanted big cool fancy. Not needed with these subtle but powerful gems. Hemimorphite is meant to be worn every day, from morning meditation, through that (dreaded) staff lunch meeting, to a night out on the town. It doesn’t take center stage in your ensemble because people will notice the light bright joy that you radiate when you wear it. These earrings are simple and complete. Hemimorphite with accent dangles in Rainbow Moonstone, green Hemimorphite (yep, I snatched up some of the green variety too!), or Aquamarine.

I’m glad you stayed with me. Here’s my special treat: I think everyone should experience a bit of Hemimorphite joy and optimism, so I’m giving away a Free pair of Hemimorphite earrings with every order over $100! Your choice: Hemimorphite with accent dangles in Rainbow Moonstone, green Hemimorphite (yep, I snatched up some of the green variety too!), or Aquamarine. If you just want a pair of happiness, I mean Hemimorphite, I’ve reduced their price from $45 to $30… while stock lasts. Have an amazing day!

~ Amy

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