Never been this happy to wear an apron

Happy Monday! We’re expecting at least twelve inches of snow today. Normally I would be ranting about winter too soon and such, but last week I won the Halstead Bead Inc Apron Challenge Giveaway, and that definitely trumps a rant about snow.

Why am I just now writing about winning something last week? Pictures. Of me. Major reluctance going on here. When I emailed Erica at Halsted to thank them, I also promised to post a pic of myself in said apron. I clicked send, and then realized that in order to post a picture, I’d actually have to take a picture. of myself. What have I done??? I’ve become somewhat of a Lemony Snicket unenthusiastic

"Lemonysnicketgrave". Via Wikipedia.
Lemonysnicketgrave“. Via Wikipedia.

when it comes to photos of moi. I’d much rather take pictures of my jewelry. Took a few pics, hated them all. put the camera down. Remembered that this isn’t about me, it’s supposed to be about my new apron from Halstead Bead.

So I put on my new apron, and made some earrings. I’m in my tiny studio, wearing my new jewelers’ apron, and I’m making earrings. It doesn’t get much better than that – except when someone squeals with delight after they receive a pair of my earrings.

I discovered that my new apron solves one of the inconveniences of my tiny studio. Whenever I drop a bead (which is fairly often), retrieving it requires a bit of maneuvering under my table with a flashlight. Because, you know, under the table is the favorite hiding place for rogue beads. Well, my lovely apron caught every bead and wire in its front pockets. Score! I am in my jewelry making happy place – thank you, Halstead! I will wear my apron proudly. And here’s a picture of one happy jewelry designer, rockin’ her new apron.

Winning a Halstead Bead jewelers' apron is worth taking a picture!
Winning a Halstead Bead jewelers apron is worth taking a picture!

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