Cool Jewels

It’s a fairly safe bet that most jewelry artists and designers wear their own creations more than they wear people’s jewelry. Creating and wearing our own jewelry is often how we got started on our paths. I enjoy making a pair of earring for myself just as much as I enjoy creating a specialty piece for a customer.

We also like to wear jewelry created by other designers. I’ll share some of the cool jewels I come across from time to time.

Let’s start now, shall we?


Ringly in Pink Sapphire
Ringly in Pink Sapphire

I’m really liking the concept that drives Ringly’s design: jewelry meets technology. The ring connects to an app on your phone and notifies you of important calls, emails or other messages. For example, you are  in a meeting, but you’re also expecting an important call. You don’t want to keep checking your phone every two seconds, and you don’t want to disrupt the meeting with your ringtone. You can program your Ringly app to vibrate with a specific pattern and discreetly blink with a colored light of your choosing. And to top it off, Ringly uses ethically mined precious and semi-precious gemstones. Fashion, function and technology – very cool jewels.

My inner blerd just added a Ringly to her wishlist – hint: she celebrates Nikola Tesla’s birthday, which is coming up soon.



~ Amy Cousin


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