Welcome my new blog, to go along with my new website.

I’m working on both right now – well this post is me taking a break from working on my website.  Anyway, it’s going really well, finally.  I was stuck for a long time, for a number of reasons.  Not that important, and certainly not the best way to start a blog that I want you to keep reading.

I figure a launch announcement is just a post or two away, so no link just yet.  Instead, I’ll share my current creative playlist …

  • Down to the Moon – Andreas Vollenweider
  • Brasil – Manhattan Transfer
  • Angel-A, Original Soundtrack – Anja Gerbarek
  • Moon, Original Soundtrack – Clint Mansell
  • Santa Fe Sessions – Ottmar Liebert & Luna Negra
  • Tessutti: Paolo Angeli Plays Bjork, Frith – Paolo Angeli
  • DisOrient – Richard Bone
  • La Pecheuse – rupa & the april fishes
  • eXtraOrdinary Rendition – rupa & the april fishes
  • Jungle Fever, Original Soundtrack – Stevie Wonder
  • Tales of the Sun People – Tim Story
  • Slowdiver – Tom Vedvik
  • Sutra Spin – Tom Vedvik
  • and lots of Suzanne Vega

which is mostly older stuff that I’m currently listening to, shuffled.


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