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 Love. Light. Power. Tapping into gemstone energy with your style.

I show amazing women (and men) like you how to connect with gemstone energy, tap into your own power, and manifest your goals with the help of my handcrafted jewelry.

Love: self-love, love of others, worthiness, a strong sense of self.
Light: enlightenment, always learning, and then sharing, spreading the light.
Power: empowerment, freedom, creativity.
Style: however you define your style!

What clients say about Amy Cousin Jewelry

“Hi Amy! Oh my I … got home to the beautiful earrings! So exciting and I ADORE them! I put them on immediately and really enjoy their flowing love and power…how wonderful…they are ALL ABOUT MEEE and I LOVE it haha. They are so beautiful on their own but the energy in them just fits …

Jess R testimonial JR custom shoulder duster earrings

My package came today….they are so beautiful and I cannot believe how beautiful they are.  You never disappoint. Amy…Amy…Amy – you have done it again by creating a very powerful piece of art… It is exactly what I needed and wanted; the connection is magical.  I find that I touch it more for some reason. …

Linda H. ACJ testimonial LindaH

It was the perfect gift. She loved the watermelon tourmaline.

William L. ACJ testimonial WilliamL Watermelon Tourmaline Slice

“wow!!!” Can’t begin to describe my pure joy and satisfaction with the finished product! I knew I’d be pleased with them from the photos, but omgosh! To actually hold them in my hands and closely examine each one!? You put a lot of creative effort into those, lady! They are so detailed! I hope my …

Rhonda C ACJ testimonial RhondaC CarCharms

Highly Recommended. I bought these earrings for my wife, she loves them. They are beautiful and well made. Amy was easy to deal with and very helpful.

Wayne M ACJ testimonial WayneM Dancing Ladies earrings

I purchased a necklace from Amy for my mother. It arrived and was so beautiful and my mom really loves it. Amy was so friendly and helpful to communicate with as well. USPS had a weird delivery mistake (which was not Amy’s fault) and she tracked the package and sent me continual updates over email. …

JR ACJ testimonial JR RoseQuartz Triple RainChain

Amy, THANKYOU! Yes, these gems are so perfect for me! I absolutely LOVE this bracelet and I love the divine guidance and positive energy and manifestation power that it brings! So perfect! Woot!

Megan T testimonial MeganT


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Love. Light. Power. Tapping into gemstone energy with style.
Love: self-love, worthiness, love of others.
Light: enlightenment, always learning, and then sharing, spreading the light.
Power: creativity, empowerment, freedom.
Style: however you define your style!

Amy Cousin Jewelry aims to delight women like you who are owning and reclaiming your sense of self, in your work, your relationships and your personal development (not necessarily in that order). You are creative (yes you are, even if you don’t think so), ambitious (which is always up to you to define!), and you live a heartfelt life. I know you’re thinking about your life outside of the box and you might even already be working it through paths like yoga, meditation, regular chats with your best friend, or by connecting with a guided group of like-minded women online.

Amy Cousin Jewelry is for women who are open to tapping into their potential and are doing something about it. ACJ is here to support her effort, to remind the wearer of her goals.

ACJ Gemstone Energy Jewelry

ACJ custom bracelet redesign fish clasp
Custom bracelet in copper

Amy Cousin Jewelry creates energetically connected gemstone jewelry for amazing women. Each gemstone that ACJ uses has an energy or vibration which the wearer can tap into as a reminder to project that very same energy in every aspect of her life.

ACJ Upcycled Jewelry

The Amy Cousin Jewelry Upcycled Collection focuses on reviving surplus and discarded items such as wood, utensils, coins, car and bike parts and computer motherboards and turning them into stunning, eco-conscious jewelry that’s sure to start conversations. Many of these pieces also include gemstones, so the energy aspect is also present in them.
Upcycling is how I fulfill my intent to make ACJ an eco-conscious creator and unleash my inner nerd at the same time. Whenever someone in my family crashed a computer or other electronic device, I’d cringe at the thought of it ending up in a landfill, contributing more waste that’s not going anywhere. I’d harvest as much as I could from the device – wires, gears, and especially motherboards. Because you know, someday I was going to do something really cool with it all. When I started working with eco-friendly resin, someday became now! I’m super pleased to share this collection with you.

Amy Cousin Jewelry uses ethically sourced gemstones and eco-friendly (recycled and reclaimed) metals in both collections.

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