Netted Bottle Pendant copper

50 USD

Stylish and Functional!
This glass bottle pendant can hold 3ml of your favorite fragrance oil without leaking - the secure rubber stopper /bail sees to it. Your pendant can also hold a cherished memento - a note on a slip of paper; sand from a memorable walk; a strand of hair... whatever you choose to keep close to you.
The bottle is netted in copper wire with spiral accents, allowing a peek of your treasure, without making its contents the focal point. Your pendant is hung on an adjustable satin cord (cord color varies).

Care: I created this bottle pendant using raw (not coated) copper wire, so the finish will oxidize (gently darken) over time. I intended the for oxidization to enhance the depth of the wire's design, but you can wipe it with a polishing cloth if you prefer a shiny look.

length: 2 inches / 5.80 cm
copper, glass, rubber